General accounting

  • Management or day to day accounting activities
  • Maintenance of the registers and books
  • Management and control of all outstanding items including credits and debits
  • Creation of the periodic filings
  • Maintenace of VAT, depreciation, and waste books
  • Preparation and monitoring of all periodic payments to the tax office, NISF, INAIL, ENASARCO and similar authorities
  • Creation of the periodic filings for VAT, INTRASTAT, "Spesometro", CONAI and similar authorities
  • Management and control of all outstanding items including credits and debits

Project implementation: finance projects

In addition to standard services, GP & P supports entrepreneurs and companies through specific projects in the financial sector:

  • Securing of cash flow
  • Refinancing negotiations assistance with financial intermediaries such as banks
  • Introduction and optimisation of dunning procedures
  • Cost reduction programms
  • Introdcution to finance systems

Cost control

  • Maintenance and control of actual costs (cost accounting)
  • Creation and successful implementation of cost budgets (target cost accounting)
  • Controlling of the cost centers
  • Creation of budgets and month over month (quarter over quarter) comparison analyses
  • Controlling and Monitoring of the cost centres
  • Assistance with monthly and quarterly reportings and filings

Professional accounting is indispensable
for successful corporate management

Financial accounting

  • Preparation of balance sheets before tax in consultation with a professionall tax consultant
  • Preparation of the interim balance sheets
  • Preparation of reporting packages

Our services: consultation

  • Consulting and assistance on accounting, cost control and administrative issues
  • Consulting on administrative organisation and its pocedures
  • Consulting and active support in emergency situations
  • Implementation and assistance of effective archiving systems
  • Direct coaching of customer's associates
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